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Ultimate Fit Pack
Ultimate Fit Pack

Ultimate Fit Pack$141.65 AUD$89.95 AUD

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The Ultimate Fit Pack has it all - straps, strengtheners, sliders and a super cute clutch! With a design that is portable, you can take this pack anywhere!

Staying fit is an essential part of being the best athlete you can be. You will only go as far as your strength, flexibility and body control will take you. Don't let these physical factors impact your ability to be the best. Get the Fit Pack and feel stronger and more confident than ever.

Gift Set Features:

Door Stretch Strap ($24.95 value)
Perfect for at home or on-the-go stretching. Use your bedroom or hotel door to achieve deep stretches to increase your flexibility.

Travel Stretch Strap ($14.95 value)
Whether you're at home or preparing for a big performance, this travel-friendly strap is easy to take wherever you go!

Ankle & Wrist Strengtheners (pair) ($57.85 value
Help prevent injuries by improving your ankle/wrist strength!

Disc Sliders (pair) ($28.95 value)
Great for core workouts, these disc sliders are designed to glide across any surface.

Stunt Stand Clutch ($14.95 value)
Don't want to carry around a big bag? No worries! This cute clutch is perfect for those essentials you never want to be without.

Retail Value: $141.65
NB - Disc Sliders only available in Pink, Strengtheners only available in Blue

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