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Stunt Angel

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Stunt AngelTM for Cheerleading Base Training

Balancing, tossing and transitioning cheerleaders from the ground to the skies are some of the hardest tricks in the industry. You don't always have a friend to toss up in the air, so turn your attention to the Stunt AngelTM. With a rough, triangular shape to this imitation leg, you can practice your supportive stance wherever you please.

Each Stunt AngelTM comes with a white sneaker, which acts as your real-life gripping location during practice.

Product is made out of a high quality polyurethane foam material that will not injure athletes if hit by the product. Safety is always our number one priority in all of our products!

This cheerleading base conditioning tool is made with a secret weight that gives it a relatively "real" sensation. Grab your Stunt AngelTM, and lift her up high. With the Stunt AngelTM, you'll feel confident at your next performance or competition!

100% Safe to Practice
The high quality poly-urethane foam is safe for any age and will not hurt the bases during practice.

Perfect Grip Techniques
Practice full-ups, full downs, double ups, and double downs with the Stunt Angel before ever lifting up a flyer!

Great for Any Level Athlete
Used at homes, gyms, schools and even some of the top universities around the U.S., this product is great for any level cheerleader!


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