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Ankle / Wrist Strengtheners (Pair)
Ankle / Wrist Strengtheners (Pair)
Ankle / Wrist Strengtheners (Pair)
Ankle / Wrist Strengtheners (Pair)

Ankle / Wrist Strengtheners (Pair)$57.85 AUD$50.00 AUD


Strengthen Your Ankles!
By strengthening the ankles, cheerleaders will be able to have less injuries from tumbling, stunting, and improved balance. This strength will improve your jumps, pointed toes, and firmness in your foot while bases are holding you in the air. Strengthen your ankle by moving it around in circles and balancing yourself, not practicing body positions.

You do not want to train yourself to balance in your stunt as this will make it more unstable. To practice stunting technique, it is recommended to use a more firm surface where you can lock out your ankle and lift up in your stunts.

Fix Weak Ankles and Help Prevent Tumbling Injuries

Product Features

Ankle Strengthening
Gain strength to perfect stunting technique on the Stunt Stand.

360 Degree Movement
Strengthen ankles in 360 degree movement.

Not for Practicing Stunts
Used ONLY for strengthening ankles. DO NOT use for stunting. Teaches wrong technique of balancing in hands instead of locking out and lifting up.

Travel-Friendly & Portable
The portable design allows you to workout anywhere, anytime!

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